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Our product EDI converter system AFxConverter was designed to be an advantage in competition for companies.

EDI converter - A fully automatic conversion and transmission

The design and development of EDI converter system AFxConverter was influenced by a profound EDI expert knowledge, a broad knowledge about sectoral EDI requirements, professional IT-know-how, twenty years of experience in software development, software architecture and project management, ten years of experience in the implementation of EDI solutions and creating mappings in a Clearing Centre with several hundreds of thousands voucher every day.

EDI converter - receive from your EDI partners - import into your system EDI converter - export from your system - send to your EDI partners EDI converter - receive from your EDI partners - send to your EDI partners EDI converter - export from your system - import into your system

The basic task of the EDI converter system AFxConverter is the conversion of the incoming file format to the format aimed by the receiver.

The EDI converter is supplied with data either via a standard interface of an IT-system like production planning and control (PPS), the Materials Management system (MMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) etc. or time-controlled or manually as a structured file.

After being converted, the resulting data can be sent directly to the EDI partners or put down into an arbitrary file folder in order to reprocess or send it at a later date.

EDI converter is the central data interface between your company and your EDI partners.

Benefit from the advantages of the EDI converter system AFxConverter.

EDI converter - your advantage

Using EDI converter AFxConverter brings about the following advantages:

  • Access to long-time practice know-how and a complex experience potential
  • Qualified mappings made by experts
  • Custom solutions on the basis of proven standards
  • Fully automatic conversion of your business data to several formats
  • Support of Any-to-Any-format-conversion
  • Integrated electronic workflow
  • No programming skills needed
  • Easy upgrading by additional EDI formats
  • Integration of relational database
  • It's not necessary to build up EDI-know-how
  • Fast integration into your company without external help
  • No installation and maintenance work
  • Unlimited number of EDI partners
  • No limit to the quantity of data conversion and data transfer

EDI converter

Adequate solutions and professional conversion:

  • every sector
  • every requirement
  • every data volume
  • every every budget
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